One day Brighid Rose went to visit her parents and this was when she came across a tiny mouse who was making himself at home. This uninvited little visitor had been looking for food inside her parent’s cabinets. Her parents wanted to get rid of the mouse and hoped that their cat would be of use in their endeavors. But Rose wanted to take a more gentle approach towards this innocent creature.

She scooped up the mouse and took him outside to a field behind her parent’s house. This is not all that Rose did for she decided to go one step further. Apparently she had felt guilty about leaving the poor animal outside in the field because he was now used to consuming the human food inside Rose’s parent’s cabinets. This is the reason behind why Rose came up with the great idea to throw the tiny mouse a goodbye picnic.

She laid down a napkin to make it appear as a picnic blanket and then placed different types of food on it. From the looks of it the mouse seemed to have enjoyed this feast very much. The little creature even allowed Rose to sit next to him for more than an hour. The mouse appeared to be happy after gobbling down strawberries and grapes. This human even managed to capture video footage of the picnic and it is so heartwarming to watch the tiny creature nibbling the snacks Rose gave him.

The two enjoyed each other’s company for some time. After a while the little creature discovered a cozy spot that offered great shelter. Being a kindhearted individual, Rose also didn’t forget to leave him some snacks to make the transition easier. Rose has always loved animals, so she didn’t have to think hard about helping out the innocent creature.

She felt as if she should throw a goodbye picnic for this tiny mouse and went along with the idea. After all it’s not his fault for being such a little creature living in a very big world. Saving the mouse and organizing the picnic definitely made her day and she found the sight of the animal enjoying his food to be extremely cute. Isn’t Rose such a kind soul? We all have much to learn from this caring individual.

Image Credit & More Info; Brighid Rose | thedodo

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