Kevin Carley a resident in Greenville, Wisconsin went to exercise at his local YMCA in March 2018. As like other days, he followed the routine.

Everything went fine until he stepped onto the treadmill. On the way after 15 minutes into his workout, he started to struggle to breathe.

After he was covered in cold sweat Kevin collapsed on the gym floor. His face was blue. An ambulance was rushed to the scene and paramedics started giving Cardiopulmonary resuscitation to Kevin. They also shocked him with an automated external defibrillator.

Daphne, Kevin’s beloved wife was totally devastated after hearing Kevin’s condition and she rushed to the hospital. She never thought Kevin would suffer this kind of a cardiac arrest. The doctors asked her whether he had any similar kind of symptoms before, which Daphne denied. Kevin did not have any seizures of any kind of medical issues. Frankly telling Kevin was healthy as a bull. He ate healthy food and did exercises regularly.

After few days Kevin’s condition was stable. But he was in the coma for those few days. When he woke up he was in a hospital room with full of medical equipment. Kevin was put into a medically induced coma for a whole week as doctors had no other choice.

What happened to Kevin was a mystery until the reason came out from his own mouth. The doctors’ pump out the things from his stomach and a slimy green liquid came out of his mouth.

Now the husband and wife have got together and started a campaign to warn others about a very common pre-workout practice. Please find below video they shared. Also be kind enough to pass the warning to others.

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