A large lion sculpture had been sculpted out of a redwood trunk by a team where there had been 20 people and was led by Dengding Rui Yao. It is now being displayed at the Fortune Plaza Times square, Wuhan which is the capital of Hubei province, China. It had taken 3 years to complete it.  Sculpture  had been famous after it had been placed.More info & Photo courtesy: reddit



It has been recorded in the Guinness World Records as the world’s biggest sculpture which is done from redwood. It is a sculpture which is 47.5ft  long16.5ft tall and 13ft wide. Also, finishing in the areas like head, lion’s feet and the tail are smooth whereas the torso area had the texture of the trunk used.



The lion is given a good importance in China, it is being used to ward off evil spirits. So they can be seen  in the gates of the palaces, temples, and tombs. It is considered as a sign of strength.



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