In our life, we must always remember that everything happens for a reason and we never meet anyone by accident.

It does not matter how your journey leads you, there is always a way to find different types of people in each time period in life. We meet people for different reason even though we do not often realise it.

Synchronicities those who do not know are essentially ‘meaningful coincidences.’ They are people coming into our lives to show us things and even continuously join with us through out the journey. In many forms, Synchronistic connections arrive.

People do not come for nothing, there is always a reason behind one’s arrival. Even though you did not notice before we all learnt something from each and every person we meet. Some people come into our lives to make our journey better and to grow with us where as some people tear us apart with a blink of an eye.

Today we bring you the most common 6 people we meet through out our journey. Relate and see whether it is true.

These are all synchronistic connections.

6 Types of Synchronistic Connections:

1. People who come to remind you

These human being always show something really important to us. They evoke knowledge from within us and help us to understand it. They have the ability to remain marked on our soul for eternity. Even though they are gone, they never leave our heart. They create their own space inside our soul as we cannot forget that person’s value.

2. People who make you grow

They are called teachers of our soul. They are the ones who show us our true selves, also create a better vision for ourselves. They are the reason we understand what is your real goal and what direction you should choose in order to become the best versions of ourselves.

3. People who are here to stay

FOREVER! these are the people who remain until the end of our journey, yes they are rare. They are your support system and they come in when you need them most. You will have far too many to count experiences with these people. Especially your bond will be far stronger than anything you could have ever imagined. It is really difficult to stay away from one another.

4. People who come to awaken you

These people show the difference between expectation and reality. Once you meet this type of person, you never realise this particular person will ruin your life. Now you wish that you would not meet him/her. Remember not everyone you encounter is positive; negativity is important when it comes to growing as well. The Universe understand the limit that you can tolerate and it knows how far you can manage negativity in your life. Once you learn a lesson, you will be able to move on from this type of toxic person.

5. People who hold space for you

These people come into our lives for a mere moment. They are people who pass you by and yet still are able to make you feel less alone in the world. It is shocking that you only shared a few words with them or even just a glance, but still they are important to you. These people make an impact when you are in need of something.

6. People who are meant to leave

They do not stay for a long time…These people come to our lives for a different purpose, they do not long last.

They are sent to you so that you can learn from them and it can be either positive of negative. These people come into your life and make you fall in love only to break your heart. They show you a different world within the period of time they exist and suddenly they are gone and everything changes. They do not accept that they even existed in out lives. Strange but true…