Do you own a French bulldog? Or any sort of dog at your house? If so, you would clearly know that looking into a dog’s breed is a very complicated task when they are bred by crossing with another breed somewhere in their lineage. But do you know, these unnatural breeding and crossing causes complicated changes in the animal which is born? A lot of dogs that are bred have a lot of health issues due to this matter.

In this article we have decided to talk a bit about the French Bulldog. This dog faces health issues due to the way that it was bred. When looking back at the history, there were only 40 breeds of dogs in the world by the year of 1873. But in the modern day there are around 450 breeds that are recognized as dog breeds. So, now you may have an idea that most of the breeds are actually man-made. Scroll down to read more about this.More info & Photo courtesy: Hawbucks


Krijn de Haas


Krijn de Haas

Recently dogs were widely used for fashion purposes. Mainly dog shows. The breeders have been breeding dogs to make them look more ‘fashionable’ and although they are able to alter the looks of the dogs, it comes with a price.


Krijn de Haas

The French Bulldog has been bred to have a very very short snout in present. It is so short that it is barely a snout. This causes the nasal openings not to operate as they are intended to by nature.


Krijn de Haas

These Bulldogs now show a lot of tiredness and difficulty in breathing even by a very light walk. Chantal van Kruining, a veterinarian explains that this one alteration in most of the modern French Bulldogs can get very severe to a state that they might even die of that issue.


Krijn de Haas

So, it is very sad to see people ‘designing’ dogs who will have to spend their lives in pain and suffering just for the mere satisfaction of people. animals should be bred responsibly. So if you are a breeder, take very care not to alter species since it does create consequences. Please leave your comments below of what you think about this article. 


Krijn de Haas
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