This story comes all the way from Japan. There, the most famous type of flower is cherry blossom. But did you know that there are magical structures of Wisteria, creating fantasy-like tunnels?

Wisteria is a beautiful flower. It grows on the vines of its trees. Appearing in colors of blue, white, pink, and yellow, they are surely vibrant to the eye. Even though you will find wisteria or other flowering plants in general, Ashikaga Flower Park is a special place to witness these amazing tunnels of Wisteria. The visitors get to pass through the tunnels in awe of a fantasy world. Scroll down to check out the rest of the story.


Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from SoulAD

You would not believe that the Ashikaga Flower Park has over 350 wisteria trees including the Wisteria tunnel which extends over 260 feet. During the springtime, when the flowers are in full bloom, it is so vibrant and beautiful.


Kawachi Fuji-en Wisteria Tunnel

If you think that Ashikaga Flower Park is the only place to check out wisteria, there are enough places to visit these beautiful flowering trees. You can tune into the websites of Tennogawa Park and  Kawachi Wisteria Garden for more sites. And did you know that Japanese people also have a Wisteria Festival in the springtime when the flowers are at their best?


Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from dk tazunoki

This is another example of how beautiful Japan is. Using Nature’s gift of this specific type of flora, Japan has created magical experiences that are both magically entertaining and also eco-friendly as an attraction. Scroll down to see the rest of the photos of amazing Wisteria attractions in Japan and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Wisteria In Japan


Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from SoulAD







Kawachi Fuji-en Wisteria Tunnel


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