What would you do if your storefront glass was hit by a hammer? Would you replace it or call the police? This is an incident where there is no need to do either. Yes, This storefront has glass which was hit by a hammer. 

Although if someone hit a glass with a hammer would run and be unknown, this person has proudly put up pictures of it on the internet. Why? Because it is not just a random hit and run. This is a very talented and creative artist using very unusual methods to create art. Please scroll down to check out this wonderful piece of art below.More info & Photo courtesy: Simon Berger


Simon Berger

Even though most artists use paper and paint to create art, this artist uses very odd supplies. For this specific piece of art, he has used glass as his paper while he used a hammer as his brush to create art on its surface. His name is Simon Berger and the internet has gone bananas with his glass & hammer artwork.


Simon Berger

When you smash a hammer on to a glass, usually you cannot control how it breaks or its cracks and the ways they go. To make things even harder, Berger has chosen to do a human face on this glass!


Simon Berger

He marks the points on the glass to be smashed and also the areas that he should mind not to. Obviously, he would be using a bit of hardened glass, but not thicker than the usual glasses in storefronts.


Simon Berger

With precise positioning and force used, Berger has finished this masterpiece presenting his amazing levels of skill and creativity. He received a lot of attention on the internet with the release of these pictures on his website.


Simon Berger

Please check out his website for more of these uncommon forms of art he has done. And do not forget to leave your ideas in the comments section below!


Simon Berger


Simon Berger

Here are some of the comments from the people who has seen this.


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