TikTok is an app that took the world by storm. A brilliant app that allowed users to post creative and short videos that were not boring as the long traditional videos. You are offered a lot of options in editing as well. But most importantly, as much as people showcase their creativity to the world, people share their experience in order for others to share the knowledge.

This is such an instance where a young girl shared her experienced with a tip for everybody who faces similar situations and it has gone viral ever since. Scroll down to check out the rest of the story. Please feel free to comment your ideas in the comments section belowMore info & Photo courtesy:josiebowers10 | Instagram






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Josie Bowers narrates her experience once she had to face in the Hilton in Ocean City recently. When her parents were down from the room, she heard a noise at the door. With her towel on, since she was in the bathroom, she went to the door to find a cable hook under the door trying to unlock it.



The person looked very sketchy since this was not the method a hotel worker opens doors and he was not in uniform. He said that their keycard lock needs to be repaired when she asked about his business from the other side of the door.

Josie remembered something her stepfather, who was a policeman has taught her. She immediately yelled into the room for her dad pretending to say that someone was at the door trying to repair it.

The person immediately has taken off



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