Public construction is one of the most neglected services in some countries. This is a funny but a clever effort put up by a young mom to grab the attention of the authorities on to their unfinished mess in her neighborhood.

She is Natalie Harvey, she baked herself a cake marking one year’s landmark of the abandoned roadwork. After she posted the hilarious pictures online, a lot of people joined in to the conversation that made these set of pictures go viral.More info & Photo courtesy: Natalie Naquin Harvey

#1. Natalie with the cake and decorations at the halted construction site.

The idea took off in a group chat in the neighborhood. Since Natalie baked as a stress reliever, she baked a cake featuring in all the detail she could.

#2. All the machinery, materials and even the workers were featured in the cake.

#3. The cake that went viral.

Her photos received tons of comments, reactions and shares. It quickly got the attention of local media and the authorities as well. Even though the celebration and posting of the pictures were done with humor

#4. Eventually the company addressed the matter.

#5. This is a creative way to gather attention to protest positively.

#6. Many people replied to her.

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