Our parents give us a lot of things. Apart from the fact that they gave us birth, they have also given us an education, a home, and a lot sandlots of love. But have you ever wondered what the greatest gift given by your parents is? If you have a sister, the answer is pretty simple. Yes, your sister is the greatest gift given to you by your parents.  And here are 9 reasons why.

#1. They help build your character.

I think that we all can agree on one fact. Sisters are real jerks. This is not something inherently bad though. This jerky-ness of your sister opens us with many opportunities for character building.  When she ditches you to be with her friends or intentionally doesn’t find you during a game of forced hide and seek, she is giving you a lot of opportunities to learn and build yourself.

#2. They can have real conversations with you.

While it is hard to have a real conversation with your parents or younger siblings due to various reasons, you can have a real, soul to soul conversation with your sister anytime you want to. They will always understand you no matter what you are going through.

#3. She taught your parents a lot.

She broke in your parents for you. She made them realize that they were doing it all wrong the first time, and now they know exactly what they are doing with you. Nice huh!

#4. You can vent to her.

You cannot vent irrationally to your friends. Unless you want to stay friends with them no more. But when it comes to your sister, you can always vent. She will always forgive you and love you, even if you did unload on her for no reason.

#5. She was happy to drive you around before you got your license.

This is one of the coolest reasons why she is the best gift of all!

#6. She’s great to copy.

You can copy her!! She’s done it all already and knows how everything goes. In high school, in the first job, in the first relationship, whatever it is, just copy her and you’ll do fine.

#7. She always has your back.

She has your back. Always.

#8. She’s your guru.

She has done it already and is able to give the best advice.

#9. She helped you learn all the grown-up stuff.

Grown-up stuff can be pretty hard. It is a good thing that you have a big sister who is there to walk you through everything!

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