Have you heard of the Malayan Tapir? It is one of the most rarest animals who are endangered currently. They are also listed under the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red list of endangered animals.

This is a very happy story, celebrating the birth of a baby Malayan Tapir at the Chester Zoo. As much as this birth gives hope to the population of its kind, this adorable little baby is so cute and it is so worthy of a celebration.More info & Photo courtesy: Chester Zoo.


Meet Rony, the new born Malayan Tapir. Rony is now living with its mother Margery and father Betong at the Chester Zoo. These species are only found in Sumatra, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, those are their lands of origin. Their population is currently at risk, mostly caused by the loss of their natural habitat due to deforestation.


The zoo staff and the Parents of Rony are looking after him very well since he is a very important element in deciding the future of its kind. The mother lets Rony run about and explore their paddock by himself. but she is vigilant all the time of her baby as well. The zoo staff records the behavior and its health to make sure Rony grows up to be a healthy and strong Malayan Tapir.


#4. Check out this video of this adorable baby Tapir.

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